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Dulcinea Wrote:I also like jokeweekly.com Laughter is the best anti-inflammatory! I am a little :whistle: confused about TMs also. When a trademarked name is considered a "household" word or expression, does it give it some immunity? Anyone willing to answer, thanks.

My take on it.........TM is limited to the description of the "mark". When the trademark was submitted it will describe the "purpose" or "description" of the mark. For instance household cleaning products. So - if you come out with a car named the "hoover" it doesn't infringe on the trademark of the "household cleaning products" company. Also, if your site is not "profiting" by anothers trademark, is another guideline. For instance - you could have "hooversucks.com" and have a blog about how your vacuum is awesome, or how the company sucks, either way. As long as you "disclaim" that the trademark belongs to the respective party and all opinions are merely your opinions or experiences. In the case of a blog making good comments - they probably would not care. In the case of a site slamming them, they could sue you (for defamation - or whatever else their attorneys come up with, but not likely win on trademark infringement)... or better yet settle out of court with a handsome paycheck with you agreeing to take the site down. But still you could not have ads on the site and be profiting in any way from their mark, and must mention they are in fact the owners of the mark. There is a long icann argument on this regarding a fullsail.com student who had fullsailsucks.com and basically they settled with him. Icann ruled in favor of the student since he was not profiting in anyway, and all opinions expressed were merely that.

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