2007 Amazon Affiliate Payouts
Here are the payouts for Amazon Associates / affiliates in 2007:

[Image: US_Q107_pricingtiers._V49996876_.JPG]

Payout is also monthly, and no longer quarterly.

Thank you for posting this! My partner is also looking into having Amazon on our website, the problem is that it would be Amazon.de and I don´t now yet how things will work out and if it is the same rate, since they are basically two different companies and with different appproaches. We still have to find out the percentages and all those details. This site has been of great help for us! Thanks so much!
I am setting up a multiple website ring each with an a-atore. Hopefully the first third of the ring will be up by March 19th complete with marketing hype we will see what will be.
I am putting the new amazon context advertising on my sites. One line of code for the whole page.
I think it is better for you because you will setup multiple website ring and I am sure you will earn good money from it.
You know, I havn't done the whole amazon thing, but it looks very appealing...may be something I have to try.
Well I guess that I have to promote Amazon then because it can be pain use to have to wait longer for your money.
You can set up an a-store and the new context in line ads to boost your commissions. I just set it up on one site today. I will do the other tomato.
This is a follow up on the context in line. They tell you the set up can take up to 48 hours. My inline ads were added within 15 minutes.

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