360, PS3 or PC
Which do you prefer?

Never been a PC gamer, as don't have enough disposable income to invest in a decent system. :p Had a PS3 since launch and xbox for a 2 years. Generally, I think that PS3 is the superior console mostly because of the blu-ray player, free live and better exclusives - Uncharted 3, definitely in my top 5 games.
Hi Dominoes,

Yeah I would have to go with PS3 as well. Just for value overall for many of the reasons you have already mentioned. I am a fan of the Wii as well although it has lost a bit of its luster over the years. I can not wait to see what they can do with handheld mobile devices in the next few years. Hopefully we will be able to play any game from almost anywhere soon. I am really digging "Gravity Rush" on the PS Vita right now!
I too have a PS 3 i love it a lottttt
Tried PS3 and 360. Just cant stand using a control pad.
I had a ps1, uhuhu many years ago! now only pcs!
I'm a PC gamer ;D
PC gaming all the way!

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