$600K a year on YPN
Well I have heard of people doing better on YPN when it first came out, and then losing a few % off their profits as time goes on.

But this is the highest I have seen for a year's earnings on YPN so far. Check out the interview:
Lee Dodd Interview - Buck Being Normal

I have been trying to get involved with YPN..How do you get into it? Do you know?
Hey, what is YPN? and how it works?
Ok, please experts! What is YPN?? This is the very first time I read about it. But thanks for the link, I got lost in there, looking to read more about this Dodd guy, and found an interesting report about Google... that is the company I would like to work for, if I wanted to get back to regular office hours! wow! the perks and the ambiance to work seems the greatest! And they have 1 million applicants each year! amazing!
yeh, and they have the best food for lunch Smile

YPN is Yahoo Publisher's network. In a way, it is the Yahoo equivilant of adsense+adwords. Basically, ads get shown next to yahoo search results.

I have heard that people are making much more than adsense on it. Not sure if that's still true, and I don't use it.

Okay, so its yahoo here. BTW people doesnt like yahoo results because of their style of showing them. maybe their payouts are good considering google.
AFAIK CPC is generally higher with YPN, sadly you have to be a US citizen to get into their program at the moment. =/
Y! 's publisher network is still in its beta stages. You had to apply for a beta account, and you needed to have an american address. I heard they are no longer accepting beta applications, since they are getting ready to go live this year.

As for Lee Dodd's interview, I'll let you in on a little secret. Lee puports to be this massive Forum Guru, where he comes in and monetizes it. However, he only uses Adsense on his forums. So where did he get the Yahoo! revenue from? I'll tell you. He got it from his multitude of arcade sites! YPN is much better with lower conent site than with forums. I don't have the address right now, but there are at least 10 arcade sites he owns. (tekarcade.com being one of them)
does how he get them really matter? If you can show off a 600k cheque then you've gotta know a thing or two.
i have not got chance to use YPN since its only available in States, but i heard that they have more features than Adsense

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