$600K a year on YPN
Yes, the ad setup has a nicer interface in YPN. I wish I could show you.

Also, I've heard of people selling their UNUSED beta YPN accounts for $xxx... would you be interested? I wasn't.
mtajim Wrote:i have not got chance to use YPN since its only available in States, but i heard that they have more features than Adsense

Oh... I thought is was available worldwide! I was telling my partner and he asked me (unusual thing) to find out more about YPN... (I wonder if it was just to get rid of me for the moment! LOL!)
But if they are available later worldwide, it would be interesting to explore it in our site.
Thanks for sharing this info!
Yes, once Yahoo! goes public with this ad network, it should be world wide and not hindered to the States. I wonder if they plan on doing limited distribution, say, Canada & central americas first, then the east. Who knows.!
Yeah, Many publishers wanted to shift on YPN or other networks because adsense is just going to be dead for new sites
It is now supposed to expanding world wide. I seemed to have read the expansion has started.
Yes aquariancore they will open YPN for all international webamster so we can hope better earning from YPN and also Google Adsense.
BTW, what is their payment option, did they pay via check as google does with adsense?
I signed up for them but have not heard anything. I'll wait a while longer before considering adsense.
I received an email from YPN and they said they are not fully set up and the the doors are open yet. They are still in beta working things out. So, I don't understand how theere can be that type of figures being thrown out.
I agree...the figures seem a little off if the site isn't even open to public yet. Maybe they are accidently forecasting!

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