.75 .info domains at Registerfly
At least until tomorrow, although it may renew after then.

TheFlypaper provided by RegisterFly.com

I was stupid enough to buy one for $2.00 a few days ago, before I found this deal.
Wow thats awesome! Is there some kind of catch or what? I would be really interested in hearing more info on this. I might have missed it already though Big Grin
Should still be available I think. No catch and has free privacy protection. Perhaps renewals will be higher, but we burn that bridge when we get to it.
That's a great deal but can you really draw people to .info pages? That isn't the first extension that pops into folks' heads.
No but they are good for throwing up pages to expirement with, and can work well for search engine focused pages.

I am all about the .com when marketing a name to visitors, but sometimes you can make sites where that is not the primary goal.
They have a e-newsletter which always has these kind of promotions.
Hey it's a good price, especially if you want to play with concepts and experiment. I also wonder about the renewal prices, though.
Darn it, I had missed it!! Sad It's a $1.59 now, but still better than the normal price. Like thoma, I am also wondering about the hidden charges. I guess I'll read on.
Yeah 1.59 is still not bad. I got a couple more recently at that price, but now I have a balance in my account and I need to spend it. Got to come up with some names to use it on!
Ohh, I should have waited. I bought a .info from Hbdomains.com for $3.00 just two days ago. I should have learnt about this website earlier. Now its $1.59 but still cheaper than $3.00 . I think I will transfer it here if the same fees continue (I hope they will, but I do not think so.)

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