A conspiracy theory (internet scams, swine flu)...
So I have a conspiracy theory...

You probably heard all the PARANOIA surrounding "swine flu" aka "H1N1".

Humour this for a minute...

Suppose you're a giant pharamaceutical company looking to boost profits in a down economy.

You have a team secretly engineer a new version of the common flu strain.

You disperse it in a high-tourist destination.

The flu spreads internationally.

Your deep pockets influences how quickly the media spins this and sensationalizes it as a "world wide EPIDEMIC" and gets the fear mongerring going...

Which works out great because the masses then start clamouring for a solution. Who will save them from this new flu (which, just so happens to kill fewer people than the average, everyday flu)?

Well... how surprising, your company just so happens to have quickly developed the formula and vaccine to "combat" this "terrible" new flu strain.

Governments agree to mass vaccinations ... which means MAJOR DOLLAR deals with your pharmaceutical company.

You and your stock holders just made billions.

All based on a COMPLEX SCAM.

Since I'd like to avoid law-suits, let's just call the above "make believe"...

But if you want to read about some really shady, unethical, thieving practices that happen in a massively explosive segment of internet marketing... you NEED to read this free eye opening report ...

(and unlike my "story" above, this is NOT theory):


PS. This is the followup report to the now immensely popular "internet millionaires scandal" report. You'll get access to both for free at the above link...
Lol, yes there is lot of people talking about conspiracy theories, some could be right, some others can't be right, however, yes there is lot of conspiracies over the world and they are very strong and powerful.

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