About email forwarding?

Email forwarding allows you to set up alias email addresses. An alias email address is an alternative address that is used as a substitute for an actual email address. All mail sent to the alias email address will be forwarded to the actual email address. For example, suppose your actual email address is. For your business domain, example .com, you can create an alias that is more professional looking and targets a specific function, for example, info or support. This alias will be appended to your domain  to form a new email address that you can display on your website. All emails sent to  will be forwarded to You can create up to 100 alias addresses. Once created, it's a good idea to verify that the alias address works. Send a test email using the alias email address and then confirm that the test email is forwarded to your existing email address (you should be able to view and open the test email from the inbox). You can modify an alias address at any time using the Edit and Delete options.

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