Adsense Question
I have a look at the previous week or month, and I can usually account for busier periods.

Yesterday I seem to have accidentally clicked on one of the ads on my page while I had multiple browsers open. I know that's not allowed. Do you think that would put my account in jeopardy?
I don't think they would have a problem with one click from your site done my yourself... At least I hope they don't make it a problem! B ut I know of people that right when they are close to payment, then they get the notice that they did illegal clicking and their account is cancelled and the earnings are lost. So, be careful!
I hope that doesn't happen in my case, but if it does I'll be switching ads I guess.

The whole thing is basically an experiment for me at this point.
I'm not a big fan of adsense. I use it but it hasn't done much, if anything for me or my site.
ACCER Wrote:I'm not a big fan of adsense. I use it but it hasn't done much, if anything for me or my site.

Do you use a similar company to make money from your site, like Adbrite or something like that?

I'd like to look into different ways of monetizing.
you get paid on CPM....impressions
Hey Taggart,

I have been with adsense for years and make good money with them.
If you look at some of my other posts you can see that Google who owns adsense likes to shake things around.

What this means is the bottom line is that if you get a good PR with Google you have a great chance at making some decent money with adsense. And that can really mean
at least a couple of thousand a month. (min)

You might want to check out my post "Better than ADSENSE", it might be in this section but it's easy to find

The reason I mention this is because of your stats with adsense and this may help.

Anyway, you dont need to drop adsense and you can use both and monetize your web sites.

That means doubling your results without doubling your traffic Big Grin

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