Adwords vs. YPN: Which is Better
Here is a question from me guys...
What about the comparision between adwords and YNP? which cost more and which gives better result(i'm talking about publisher's view on it)
Well I perefer Google adwords because it is hot one and also for world wide Webmasters so you can get more results with low cost. . While Yahoo YPN is only for US webmasters.
I would have to say adwords. In my opinion it is a little more reputable and business has been booming for quite some time. They also offer alot of training and support if you are new to the system. It seems to be talked about, more, on forums, too. This makes it easy for new comers to understand. Many people post many successes about adwords. To be honest, I do not hear too much about yahoo's system.
You are right. Google Adwords provide better service and supports to promote your site. Even you can read many successfull story about Adwords.
I like the explanations you are giving to this, because for me, those differences are still foreign! I'm more into developing content, and my partner is in charge of everything else... but He is more into Adwords, and I don't know his reasons.
In another forums posters were saying the YPN was more profitable because adwords has built up a backlog of prices on words.
Since I last posted I signed up for YPN and now several weeks later I still haven't heard a word.
You have to wait for more times because they are very late. Please share your experience whenever you use YPN.
I really only have experience with adwords. It is more reputable for a reason...I would stick with what's hot.
I stick with adsense, but I've heard YPN brings in a higher PPC on average, might be worth a shot.

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