Affiliate Aggregators?
That is a good point. Although I would say it is a bit different than other forms of selling because of the tools available to help facilitate the process. I have actually started to experience some interesting returns with my affiliate testing so far.

I can say that even though I just really started doing any affiliate marketing very recently, that I have been profitable from the beginning. This is a good sign for me. (I don't count previous attempts with CJ and Clickbank as I did not spend any money then and had NO idea what I was doing.)
Hi Triumph,
good to hear you're making headway in affiliate mkting.

by the way, here's a snapshot of my clickbank stats:

[Image: DSclickbank060911.gif]

due to TOS, I can't show everything.
my point is not to try to impress you, but to show you that affiliate marketing even for a newcomer like me is a sustainable business model.

I adopted a more systmatic approach though, so my results are better than most.
according to one product owner, my affiliate conversion was 5-7% (that was for
the rest of his affiliates were converting at about 1%.

here's the differences in my approach.
Compared to adsense, affiliate mkting takes more effort.
with adsense (or other contextual or web ads) you just spit the content on the page and the advertising kinda auto-gens itself.

but i did some calculations.
One aff marketing txn is roughly equal to 1,000 - 2,000 google clickthroughs.
depending on the product, it could be equal to 5,000 click through.

so i was thinking what the heck.
do i need to build 100,000 visitors a day (even with an optimistic 10% CTR), to equal what i'm getting?

so i'm going affliate mkting all the way.

if you check my blog, i've completely thrown out adsense on a lot of the pages.

this is my affiliate mkting strategy:
1) profile the product (buy it and use it is even better)
2) know the strengths and weaknesses of the product
3) craft a mkting campaign (in essence you're the mkting manager, you develop the messages, distribute it, convert it to sales and justify your 20-90% affiliate commission).
4) analyze your stats
5) refine your strategy
6) relaunch and repeat.

for the month of Aug, I was top affiliate for
If you listen to the interview Gobala (the prod creator) did with me at: #1 Affiliate Internet Marketing partner for!

you might have an idea that I killed the competition.
the next further affiliate was about a mile away.

and i think the proof that my formula works is that by the first week of Sep, I nearly doubled the number of copies sold compared to the 2 weeks in Aug.

so it's kinda cool to log in to clickbank in the morning and see a bunch of cash appear in my balance...


ps: You can take a look at the next step in my Internet Mkting: Explode your Internet Marketing income through the Keiretsu

and i sincerely mean that my $20k/mth figure by Mar 07 is really way too conservative.

PPS: to date i've spent $0 on paid ads. zero on PPC. so besides time, it's almost pure profit!

PPPS: sorry Zach if i'm taking this waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy out of domain territory!
Nice post... youre doing quite well out of affiliate marketing! congrats..
That is great to hear Andrew. i am right with you on the affiliate front. Getting revenue via Adsense etc is very easy in terms of you don't have to do any direct effort. However, building up traffic actually takes a ridiculous amount of work. So when you look at the breakdown on affiliate products, you can really make it work out for you. Especially when you find the right programs and get the right promotional vehicle, it becomes easy. Getting there is the hard part it seems.

I guess my problem with Clickbank is in picking the right products. Seems like you have found some good ones. Are you marketing those just via your own websites or doing other forms of marketing? Most of my affiliate marketing so far has been via ad placement on other sites and search marketing. I do a lot of testing right now and probably 80% of the stuff I do does not pan out. However when I found part of the 20% I then focus on refining it to make it more profitable.

Really good to see your results with CB. Again I will have to go back and revisit it. Do you see any chargeback issues because of it?
Plumley Wrote:Am I just jaded and been on the net too long? Because I never believe people have a secret to making money and especially that they're not going to give it to me free.

You're not jaded, you're just not a "mark." (:eek: )
You're right to think that, because mostly the secret is that you don't really get anything from them for free - and certainly not an easy way to make money. The only easy way to make money requires that you already have abunch of money!
hey triumph,

i think part of being successful is to develop a niche and have a concrete formula to closing your prospects.

also i'm finding that sending prospect to direct sales pages will give you the typical 1-2% closure rate.

what i've found effective is to set up review type sites and compare say 5 web hosting plans against each other.

the prospect has the benefit of comparing, and they're less likely to keep surfing elsewhere.

plus if you got affiliate progs in all 5 of them, you have like 5 times the chance of closing?

so it's almost like a lure (traffic) -> trap (review) -> kill (convert) model.

(my.... i really surprise myself with these hunter/killer analogies sometimes...)

zero chargebacks so far.
cos i do lock them in with goodies, bonuses, exclusive memberships, which i can cancel upon chargebacks.
if i'm giving them compelling content, they're actually clamoring to buy more stuff actually.....

lol. Thank you, Paula. There's so much of it that I figure it must be working yet I don't know how it could. It's good to know I'm not missing any boats due to advanced skepticism.
Andrew thanks for the tips.

I do have plans to create more elaborate sites and landing pages to increase conversions, but right now I am trying to find offers that I feel are viable enough to promote and improve upon. I have tested a lot of offers so far, and I would say most of them are not worth promoting, but I do have a few that I like and are doing well for me, even without doing too much work. Those are the ones I plan to push and expand upon.

I like the comparison idea too.

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