Affiliate Marketing Money Machines

It's a little too late now that I've gotten the hang of the hype in affiliate marketing, and I mean "hang" in several different ways.

You might be new to internet marketing, or you might be reading this precisely because internet marketing is your cup of tea. So, I thought I'd just shamelessly highlight all the strategies that people have used over time to make money online with affiliate marketing.

Method 1 - Direct from Advertising to Affiliate links

You run an advertising campaign and get people to actually click on the ad links to your affiliate link, thereby driving traffic direct to your affiliate landing pages.

Method 2 - Viral ebooks

You write a viral ebook with plenty of affiliate links in them, then unleash them into the marketplace.

Method 3 - Teleseminars

You run a teleseminar, and tell people to go to a website address which you own, that redirects to an affiliate link.

Method 4 - Podcast

You record an MP3 with content, but have ads recommending a specific product during the time of your podcast.

Method 5 - Viral video

Video is uploaded to video sites like and you make people come to your website for more. The website is a redirected domain name to an affiliate link.

Method 6 - Screencam video with redirection

You send out video content using Camtasia Studio, but there is a URL redirect at the end of the video that leads people back to your affiliate landing page.

Method 7 - Domain name redirect

You buy a domain name which is similar to a well-known product being sold, and redirect this to the actual affiliate product landing page. Misspelt words often become profitable instantly.

Method 8 - Website article

You write an article and get people to click on a link in your website.

Method 9 - Email/Ezine to blog article

Similar to #8, except you send emails or an ezine regularly to people, then you drive them to an article you write on a blog.

Method 10 - Resale rights products

You offer resale rights to products that already have your affiliate links in them. While people make money on the front end, you make money on the back end.

Method 11 - 2-Tier Affiliate program

You run your own affiliate program leveraging on the principal product creator's 2-tier scheme. You then hire more people to sell on your behalf, leading you to focus primarily on training your sub-affiliates.

Method 12 - Classified Ads

The most undermined, but definitely a good working model - place a classified ad and run people to the site you are advertising. Many classified sites are free of charge.
That's a good and very comprehensive list. I've looked into many of these but am going to try to get a few more of the topics going on my own blog. I know of a company around my area that actually specializes in buying, developing and then selling misspelled domain names so it's definitely something that has caught on by now.
Can you tell me what you mean by the term "viral" in the context with ebook?

I've been hearing the term in the last while and I don't have an understanding of it.

That's a very good list. Everything that one needs to know to deal with affiliates. I should get myself into getting more out of the affiliates, but I haven't had the time lately to dedicate myself to it.
I think a viral e-book is just an e-book that is circulated heavily and linked to from a lot of different sources (email, forum signatures, etc.). I could be wrong so correct me if so.
That's a pretty good list of different way to market with affiliate schemes. There are many, many ways to market your site and increase traffic and profit, you really have to decide which ones work for you.
Viral is basically word of mouth popularity. I believe most of these "viral" methods are geared more for getting hits to the originating site, than to give good, new information about products or services.

Have you seen some of the Ebooks out there? Lots of empty spaces on pages, lots of words used for filler without much hard and fast information. Out of every 10 pages there may be 1/2 page's worth of useful content. I bet they are great for padding statistics, though.
pretty good list to start for an aspiring Internet Marketer..the design is very cute and pleasing. thanks for the info pauljun
Viral is the attribute given to the content I guess. e.g a video is viral in nature because people may embed or use your video in blogs, emails, social bookmarking etc. hence multiplying your marketing force similar to the nature of a virus but only it's a good thing when it comes to marketing.

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