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Are there any other Amazon Associates on the forum? Does anyone have any tips that they would like to share with a beginner?
\sorry to ask but I am not Sure what an AMAZON associate is? could you tell me please?
Amazon Associates is an affiliate program at the Amazon stores (,,, etc.) which allows you to 'sell' their products through your website and share the revenue with them.

I have set it up on if you want to take a look.

I think that the most important, but also most obvious, tip is to simply sell products which your visitors would be interested in. Try focusing on a niche. See which products get the most views (or clicks) and put up similar products.
I know a couple of people who have done very well with their ebooks by linking up as an Amazon affiliate. For them, they've especially liked it because they don't feel they would have otherwise reached as many people. They're selling the ebooks from their blogs.
I have never heard of it before but it sounds like a great way to make some money.
I think if you are trying to set up a domain to sell your own writing with ebooks, Amazon is a great bonus to you. Otherwise, I like their affiliate ads in general.
i'm an amazon associate.

what helps you increase yr chances of a successful conversion is to build confidence abt the product you're promoting.

i always feel it build credibility for a product if you're an owner and a user.
for example if you might want to cite specific page numbers (eg. to enhance your adsense income, refer to page 67-75 where he describes three strategies to increase your adsense income by at least 25% consistently. On page 102, he also mentioned the top 5 mistakes adsense marketers make that prevent them from hitting the fedex club).

you may also wish to create bonus products for people who buy from your link. Joe Vitale gives you a bonus if you forward proof of yr amazon purchase to him.

lastly, protect your affiliate link. use DL guard or URL masking, this'll prevent people from removing yr associate ID.

ps: i hear a lot of affiliates have lower amazon closure rates, as visitors check the product, but dont take action. if you can provide a compelling reason to buy the product now, you will be one up on 90% of amazon associates.

angelbabyw2pointoh Wrote:Are there any other Amazon Associates on the forum? Does anyone have any tips that they would like to share with a beginner?
I have several amazon affiliate accounts. You can pretty much be an affiliate for any product in existance through amazon. My advice would be to really find specific products related to your site and market those directly.
I agree Triumph ...for my blogs, I like the ability to be specific with the amazon ads ...during World Cup, I had a blog going which dealt with soccer and I did well with the ad placements. It took more time but it was a fun experiment with amazon, and I have to admit that it worked.
Out of curiosity, what ads did you target to soccer? I am into sports sites, so any advice on the best targeting options for the sports segment would be useful to me.

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