And then the strangest thing happened
The men, women and children around the 18th green let out a roar that wasn't, you know, a roar. No, the majority of fans at Augusta National didn't want this decorated product of Augusta State to prevail. Did Team Reed notice? "I definitely feel that way," Karain said of the fans' allegiance. "But that's OK, because sometimes that's motivating, too."
[Image: suns_133.jpg]
Nobody is quite sure why the golfing public has little use for Reed. Perhaps enough fans have http://www.buccaneersofficialauthentics....ain-Jersey read about his misbehavior in college or have been turned off by his brash and boastful style. (He announced in the spring of 2014 that he was already among the world's top five players.) Perhaps some are aware that Reed has been estranged from his parents, younger sister and other family members for years over issues neither side of the divide will discuss for the record. Bill and Jeannette Reed, Patrick's parents, were expected to watch the Masters in their home only a few miles from Augusta National. They are not welcome at their son's tournaments, majors or minors. Asked if his family's absence made Sunday's triumph bittersweet, Reed said, "I'm just out here to play golf and try to win golf tournaments."
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Patrick has been consistently unapologetic about almost everything in his life. "It's not a popularity contest out there," he told in 2014. Around the same time, his old coach at Georgia, Chris Haack, recalled one of his assistants scouting Reed in a high school tournament and returning with this report: "This guy hits it close all day long but never makes anything. If he ever figures out the putter, he's going to be dangerous." Patrick Nathaniel Reed just figured out the putter.
"It's everything we've been working hard for," said Justine, his wife and former caddie. "A lot of people, for a long time, maybe don't say his name as often as they should. That's what I think. I've always thought he's a great player. That's what he did today. He showed his true colors."
As it turned out, Reed's true color was pink, the color of his winning shirt. Reed wore Tiger Woods red on Sundays before his Nike deal gave him a softer look. It was the only thing soft about Reed's game all day. "He didn't let the roars and the crowd really get to him," Karain said. In the end, Patrick Reed quieted them down with his precision and poise. That was his biggest Augusta National victory Sunday -- the sweet sound of silence amid the towering Georgia pines.
I guess there's shock, which seems like a half an hour and it's probably just seconds," he explained. "And then he came in the house and he hugged me and he's got that police vest on him, so you never forget that feeling. And then all I could think of was: 'How am I going to tell his sister? And how am I going to tell his mother?'"
Jamie died of an overdose of heroin that had been laced with fentanyl, a synthetic and far more potent form of the drug, according to an autopsy report and death certificate. For Ken, understanding how Jamie could overdose in a sober home environment meant exploring the dark path Jamie had traveled in the final weeks before his death, a journey that opened Ken's eyes to something he had 
never before considered: the existence of a corrupt side to the billion-dollar rehabilitation industry in South Florida, where federal laws can be exploited by people Brent Grimes Authentic Jersey who actually have no interest in Aaron Sanchez Authentic Jersey keeping recovering addicts clean. Jamie, his father came to realize, got caught in an insurance scam known as "The Florida Shuffle." "It's Chris Maragos Authentic Jersey one thing to have an addiction and not being able to overcome it because the addiction overtakes you ... but then when bad people get involved and they contribute to it, it makes you sick," Ken says.
"Jamie has a very addictive personality, where he can't really say no, and he didn't really know his limit either, so he'd just keep doing it and taking more because he liked the way it made him feel," says Amanda Farber, Jamie's friend from both high school and Michigan State.
Farber says that during Jamie's freshman year in East Lansing he started abusing cocaine and, more frequently, Vicodin and Xanax. It wouldn't be long before his family also recognized the troubling signs of his addiction. "You'd see him at night and trying to put a coat on and even struggling to get the arm in there. But you'd say to him, 'You high?' 'No, I'm not high,'" Ken says. Jamie's younger sister, Arlyn, said she, too, saw signs his addiction was out of control, like the time in a coffee shop near campus where Jamie could barely function.
"He couldn't talk. He couldn't stand up straight, and I was embarrassed to have him there. I took him back to my apartment ... I couldn't handle it," Arlyn said. It was a disappointing development; she and Jamie had grown closer when she became a freshman at Michigan http://www.giantsfootballofficialprostor...han+jersey State during Jamie's senior year. Normally big-hearted and loving, Jamie developed a nasty streak. "The s--- that will come out of somebody's mouth who is on drugs is amazing. The crap that they'll say ... it's another person, just takes over the body," Ken says.
When Jamie was home from Michigan State, he split time between his parents' homes. They had divorced when Jamie was 9. Jamie's mother, Lisa, experienced the same rage Ken did. "I can't remember what prompted it, honestly, but [Jamie] threatened me. He threatened to kill me," Lisa says. Jamie was always remorseful, she says, always sincerely apologetic after lashing out. Still, she says, she took the threat seriously enough to remove the knife set from the kitchen counter and lock her bedroom door at night. More often than not, though, Jamie was a functioning addict, according to friends and family members. Frequently on the dean's list, he graduated from Michigan Authentic Gorgui Dieng Jersey State in May 2015 with a 3.5 GPA.
He worked for a mortgage company in Downtown Detroit. He also was employed during the summer of 2015 as a camp counselor in Ortonville, Michigan, nearly an hour north of his father's house. It was there that Jamie reached his breaking point.

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