Any good SEO solutions for my friend's site?
Would like to consult with you, guys. Any good SEO solutions for my friend's web site:
What can you recommend him to do in order to optimize this web site?

The first thing you should do is to remove anything that slows down your site.
Would like to say that looks to be a good option for buying toys for children. There is a great list of models to choose from.
Video marketing can be a huge traffic source. Also, video content has a lot of untapped potential which is great for SEO and makes for good user engagement. Chances are, that your user might quickly run through a 1-minute video but may not have the patience to read your 100-word article.

I like e-shop and their models look really cool + the price for them.
Wow, they offer so many good toys in Europe. The price for them is quite reasonable.
Believe it will be better to start with shared hosting and then upgrade it to a VPS account.
Thanks for sharing, is a nice e-store.
If your city will allow it, try using signs. Also the real yellow pages is a good commercial route. If you have the funds local radio is a boost.


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