Anybody knows about
There's also a company that will supposedly pay for having a five second audio file play when someone goes to your site.

I'm still learning about that. I think it's been discussed in another thread.
Yeah, there really are all kinds of things you can do to this end. Lots of sites are willing to give you a little bit of money (based on your traffic) for putting their advertising onto your blog or website. I haven't used many of them but have checked out quite a few and signed up for future references.
Blogvertise pays to a new article writer $2 per article which is just 2 paragraphs of blog article entry. Surely there are many more article writing sites which pay much more than blogvertise. Some other sites willing to pay for play on your blog or site are there online but I haven't tried out these pay for play advertising yet.
This is worth checking out probably. I'm going to peruse the site a little more and give it a shot. I'll post impressions later. Even if it's only $2 an article it can still add up over time.

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