Anyone here happy with adwords?
Well I didn't happy with my Google Adword use because low CTR. This is because of lots of MFA sites.
I've tried it awhile back and had no success, so I stick with just trying to get traffic the old fasion way, submit articles and free advertising, I don't like to spend money on chances.
I've been doing 2 campaigns with adwords for about a week and no sales. Then again, I haven't gotten that many clicks either (but lots of impressions). I obviously have to tweak my ad.

I think it's possible to make thousands of dollars a month using adwords and I'm aiming for that.
Wht is an MFA site?

Rohitpatel Wrote:Well I didn't happy with my Google Adword use because low CTR. This is because of lots of MFA sites.
I hope he can post it.
Well MFA sites are sites which litter their whole website with lots of Adsense ads & other ads with very little content. This site provide illegal clicks.
Ad-words are best for make the ads on the websites. Share the ads on own websites.
Adwords is best these days for the websites.
Had my hood and fender emblems re chromed. Looking for someone to paint them as needed. I would try it myself but never have done any plus my eyes are not what they use to be. Recommend anyone here on the forum?


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