Anyone tried Yahoo Domains?

I was wondering whether anyone here has tried registering with Yahoo domains? They aren't really overpriced, and give the first year at yahoo for $2 or $3... this seems like a good idea if you want to test traffic for a year (unless you have to agree to renew the domain).

Has anyone ever tried yahoo domains? Is it a good deal or not? What is the Yahoo support like?
I actually have 1 .com domain regstered using Yahoo service. Agreed that their price is pretty cheap if compare to others especially

Thus, I straight away registered the domain for 2years!Big Grin But I wonder how's the price gonna when it comes to renewal period?? Would they increase the price for renewal??

Comparitively, Yahoo domain service is not really as flexible as godaddy. I am not able to renew my domain anytime I wanted to, and the transfer procedure seems complicated!:eek:
Oh Sad

What is the yahoo domain control panel like? Have you ever contacted yahoo domains support (or havent you had to yet)?
Comparing the admin panel for domain service, godaddy comes with lots of features. And each of the features has options for me to go into. Yahoo domain admin panel is more like straight forward with little features and options.

For example, I wanted to set my own nameserver as I got my own server up. So it's like , . In godaddy domain cp, I can input the new IPs alloted to me by my host, but in Yahoo domain cp, I could not input the IPs as my new nameserver.

Having stucked with this, I searched thru their knowledge base, I could not find guides on this. I contacted for support via email...and guess what! Just another generic reply Sad which totally wasn't addressing my problem. Also the reply arrived after 24hours. To my shock too, there is no way (if I remebered correctly) that I could input IPs as my nameserver in yahoo domain cp!:mad:

Unlike yahoo, godaddy answered my queries whenever I send them an email, which were replied within 24hours! The support level is very different indeed! Even though I only have 8domains with godaddy, they care about me, that's what I feel. (1domain is registered with yahoo)
Wow I am suprised! Yahoo certainly has the resources (ie. money) to create proper support. If I were to choose Yahoo for my domains, I would probably only do this for their support. I mean, I have always had a terrible support experience with GoDaddy, but now that you mention your experiences, I am starting to reconsider.

Fancy not being able to input IPs! That removes a lot of nameservers! Is your experience with yahoo recent?
I don't have any Yahoos!
That was about 6months again (early this year), wher I "catch" an expired domain (.com) with google PR3 then. having heard that goodle is actually looking at the domain's age, and it is advisable to register a domain for more than 1year, I decided to go with yahoo instead of godaddy. The price different was double (yahoo was charging $2.95/year while godaddy is charging $8.95/year).

So, I went ahead and registered my .com domain for 2years straight with yahoo. Jst around early last month, I decided to get my own server and brand it up woth own DNS. I was totally stucked! At the end, I used another domain (registered with godaddy) as the primary domain for the DNS setup.

To my surprise, the DNS record was being captured and updated pretty fast in less than 8hours. That was very good indeed! So I kind of regreted to go with yahoo for my only domain with them.Sad
I have heard some horror stories from people who have attempted to transfer domains away from Yahoo!. So I just passed up the very cheap offers.
most of my domains are at,
registered one at and had a bad experience.
you key in yr credit card details at their order screen, hit submit and everything goes blank.
no acknowledgement, no invoice, nada.
if you're lucky, you can the config info within 24 hrs.
and they use manageSRS to manage yr domains.

a friend recommended i check out and you can usually google for discount coupons.

godaddy is decent, but i wouldnt say they're the best.
I was thinking about registering one.
But not intrested now. Somebody told me its not good at all.
Btw I also have problem of paying for yahoo domain.

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