Anyone tried Yahoo Domains?
Great domains showing: DIGI LIFE? it is Credit? yeah, use becredit your any? baby forum reading studying for more cosy,hi, the favor english words. data safe? why not use key for every byte?

goodluck! support:
I tested Yahoo Domains with a couple domains I bought not too long ago. Now they weren't as bad as some people say, but it definitely wasn't up to par with some competitors. I ended up transferring over to my preferred one.

Valdeam [Image: 08040837089cdf46631a10aca5258e16.gif]
I have never tried it !sorry !
well i have had yahoo they raise pricing to 34.95 year and auto deduct after first year charging you up to 6 times the price you originaly contract for,they do block any transafers and blame it on anything they can think of ie private regestration or w/e is handy.then your control panel is locked so that you cant change dns settings unless you pay the 35.00 for aditional years.what you basicly wind up with is a domain that is unrenewable because control panel is locked and then your account eventualy expires and you lose your valuable domain that youve built up over the years.the pricing just is cheap for one year after that you pay w/e price thewy decide on for that day 19.95 to 34.95 theres no rhyme or reason to thier pricing and service is non exsistant they shouldnt even be licsensed to sell domains theyre the worst ive ever used by far and the only one that has ever tried to blackmail or should i say extort money from you by refusing to allow transfer ever for a product that they charge 6 times as much for as you would anywhere else pure bullying and unfair bussiness practices going on in violation of united states antii trust law anyone that buys a yahoo domain will have lifetimne trouble with them and that domain
Never ! Forget !
I don't believe Yahoo is a save place to register domain. The company is too big for it.
They have so much business to do.

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