Appraisal Please
Any ideas what my domains might be worth.


around mid $xx
thanks zach
As both domains are 3 word .com its value is less than $100 zack appraisal is correct up to my thought
thanks fourwings

Is it always the case that 3 word domains are less then $100?, I'm new so I'm just wondering.
if you sell to a domainer / a reseller he buys for such a price only

if you sell it to an end user you can end up with huge profits but you have to wait.Cool
It doesn't matter if the domain name is 3 words.

I sold my last 3 word domain for several thousand dollars.

What is comes down to is if you can find the right buyer. Zach is right at mid $xx but if you are dealing with an enduser who wants the domain name you could get more. The word 'travel' is great, but the rest is very general.

Domain names are very funny because as they say,

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"

and one man's trash is another man's treasureBig Grin
Ok that's makes sense, thanks for the tips guys
Just the domain id say.. mid $$ to high $$

Developed could be a lot more.. could be great hub site
This might be a stupid question, but what's a hub site?

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