Appraisal Please
I was just wondering what you guys think my domain might be worth.
If you can think of a club, corporation, company, etc that you could pitch your domain to, then it could be worth a lot.
When I look at it, I see the second part as 4 sale so maybe that could work in your favor.

I agree. I saw the same thing. Now to figure out what the DS could be. Hopefully not darling son, because that would be illegal. HA HA. I have teenage boys I've wanted to sell at times.
I didn't see the for sale bit, but I read the DS to mean like the Nintendo DS video game console. I agree with the others that if you can find something to market it for, it could be worth something.
I also read the 4S as for service. Given that it could be sale or service there is a large number of possibilities.
Actually when I bought it I was considering a site for selling domains or something like that, I also own but so far I haven't done anything with them.
See, the dns4s immediately shows what it would/could be for and would probably bring a heftier price than the ds4s one.
Yes, I agree. The fact that dns4s is obvious DOES make it more valuable. That is exactly what you want is something that is obvious to everyone, so there is not guessing to find your site... people just remember.
You can appraise your domains at .It helps to know the worth of your domain.

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