Appraisal help needed for unique portfolio

I have a very unique portfolio. 36 domains in total which consist of the complete alphanumeric single character set under one ccTLD. The ccTLD is .cd, through to and through to

I'm not aware of any other individual, or corporate entity who owns a complete set like this.

cd could represent 'code'. The scope of possible sub domain character combinations in such a short domain, a business could have a short sku code for every product or customer. 

Many very short sub domain combinations, allowing for the smallest possible QR/barcode/invoice number, that can be typed in easily or scanned. 

The number of short sub domain combinations could allow for a business with a lot of users to have a large scope of very short vanity urls. This could also apply to video sharing.

A wealthy collector might want to give each of their pieces of art, cars, collected items its own single character code.

For More Details

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