Are .net and .org domains taken less seriously?
Nowadays everyone seems to go for .com and domains over any others because they feel it is more professional. What are your thoughts? Are you someone who would rather go for .com or or do you also opt for a .net and .org if you have the chance? Do you feel it makes a difference?
I don't think they are taken less seriously no, I do believe that because they are less used people tend to go for the extensions that are more popular such as .com and I myself don't mind going for any of those if they are available.
I retired from the Coast Guard in 2009 and started the site and in a very short period it was number 1 on page one of Yahoo, Google and Bing for the next five years until I sold it. I made about $4,000 a year with adsense plus some videos I was selling. So don't ever think a .org won't do good in search engines.

Choose a name to match search terms ie; merchant marine jobs
Yeah! As compared to .com
these two extensions are not taken seriously.
Well personally I believe people .com take more seriously, I also believe .com domains make me feel that business is professional.

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