Available Domain Appraisal Service?
Hi. I would like to seek for some kind sharing if anyone here had experience using those professional appraisal service before. Although I own several domains, but I have yet to engage any appraisal service before, let alone selling my domains...well I just keep them until anyone interested initiate the contact.

Despite hearing the famous SEDO appraisal service, I have yet to actually give it a shot due to the charges is not cheap. So, are there any good alternatives apart from getting appraised by peers?

Also, I understand that godaddy do provide this service too, just wondering if they are good in this area?
There are two kinds of appraisals, research appraisals and statistical appraisals. Statististic appraisals are simply computer programs which count for certain metrics, such as domain length, whether or not a hyphen is used, number of search results returned, and so on. Research Appraiasls are generally statistic appraisals but with a person to analyze the results.

Since statistic appraisals are computer run, many free ones exist, such as:

Afternic offers a good research appraisal service. Here is what (one of my) domain appraisals look like there:

GoDaddy offers an appraisal service too, and this is what (again, one of my) domain appraisals look like there:

Beware of small companies offering appraisals. THESE ARE USUALLY SCAMS. An example of a SCAM company (again for one of my domains, but a long long time ago when I was unfortunate enough to cross roads with them) is here:
Do not use this company, and beware of appraisal scams.
I didn't aware that there are 2types of appraisal. I always thought that there only some kind of straight forward process and "projected value" was just picked for the domain. Thanks for the guide.

By the way, tdnam.com looks good to me. And their fees for listing domains for sales is pretty low which is a plus point. However, how's the success rate in getting the domain sold with "desired price"?
Two kinds of appraisals one with a person involved and one with just a computer research. I did think there were only one kinds to be done for domains. Are they accurate?
This can be a great resource for someone who otherwise wouldn't know how to appraise their domain.
This is important information to get an accurate appraisal of your domain. And it sounds like it's working and giving the owner the number they need to sell the domain. Otherwise you wouldn't know if you made money or lost it.
Thanks for the links Zack. Good information. I tried that Swift Appraisals just to play around with a few domains to see how it responded but I had a problem because it seems to be missing a lot of image files, which when it got to verification was a problem. Smile
Is the best way to determine if an Appraisal service is right for you is to hear from experience of others? That way you can find out from personal accounts if you should try a service or not.
Grace Wrote:Is the best way to determine if an Appraisal service is right for you is to hear from experience of others?

Yes Grace. I agree. Many times people are very willing to help you out in determining the value of a domain. There is a section here on Domain Social where you can post appraisal questions.
I used godaddy for my site appriasals and it works very fine for me, but the price they suggest was not so good. so its better to consult some online experts before going to sale your web site.

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