Becoming domain registrar??
well here is a easy and best way to do registrar's business.
first find those registrar's who are offering third level domains which you are interested, then signup with them as a reseller and find some good hosting service like hostgator, godaddy or any other cheap offers and have your reseller setup with them, prepare your site and there are many auto pilot softwares available on net, you can choose one to automate the whole process.
I think it helps you people alot with your domain registratino and hosting business.
Good luck
There are a lot of redirectors out there with various domain names available.

I have one to go to my home computer that is like:
check out these guys as well, seem to be pretty good

Public Domain Registry | Home
wizkid Wrote:check out these guys as well, seem to be pretty good

Public Domain Registry | Home

$35 a year for a .com.... :eek:

(hey, you get a discount if you register for 10 years.. $320! yupee lol)
Or you can resell domain names.
I found this site
I am reselling with them.
it doesnt look lucrative though.

let's say even if you sell it at $8 and you're buying it in bulk at $1.
it's $7. attractive from a % basis (700%), but low in terms of absolute dollar.

unless you're moving hundreds of domains a week, it doesnt look attractive.

like triumph says, it ain't compelling.

unless you've got some massive quailified traffic generation in place, IMHO you're wasting your time.

why go for the nickel and dime, when you can go for the big score?

i can make much more doing much less.
I'm thinking the OP was considering this as a service he would add to what he already offers, rather than as a pure money making idea. In the long run, though, having a popular feature could net him more members.
I came across an old brochure today for something called Wildwest Domains. They are a GoDaddy reseller who are offering you the ability to be a Godaddy reseller. I didn't really understand it, but it seemed like you could basically offer a wide variety of services at any price you want.
well every buddy can become godaddy resellers. why anybody choose to become reseller's reseller. they are offering 99$ a year with 7.75$ per domain.

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