Best Domain Hosting and Registation?
I am looking to possibly change hosting and would like to transfer my domains as well to the same company. Any suggestions? I am looking for affordable yet reliable. Thanks for the input.
I happen to belong to a group of stubborn people who believe that one must
keep their domain registration and hosting separate, for various reasons.
But one reason is if one is negatively affected, the other won't necessarily be.

Two domain providers I can safely recommend are Moniker and Namecheap.
While I can't recommend any hosting provider for now, I can suggest you go
take a look at Hostgator and Lunarpages.

I'm part of Dave Zan's group of stubborn people. Some domain registrars (like godaddy) tend to suspend accounts simply on the reception of a complaint (without investigating it). If you have a hosting account associated with that domain, I would suspect that the hosting account would get suspended too. The same is true for just about every company which offers domains AND hosting.

As for domains, I recommend GoDaddy (despite what I wrote above) and for hosting (which has the BEST customer service that I have ever seen), or Hostgator which tends to have mostly happy customers.

try hostgator, its the best in support and service, I'm using them from last one year without any problem. check out their reseller plan's if you have 10+ web sites
Thanks. I have most of my domains with godaddy and I think I have two with IPOWER Sad Should I switch the two with ipower to godaddy and do you think it will be easy or hard? I will have to check out those host site you mentioned.

Anyone else out there have suggestions?
hosting domain registrations I recommend namecheap and godaddy and for hosting try hostgator. their support is just excellent in hosting
Thanks eria. I am going to check them out today, since I am snowed in!!! I am in Wisconsin and the roads are super slick. I have been informed by my partner to stay home. He is out plowing the He got stuck in his huge plow truck already as did some others. Thanks again!
I try to stick with godaddy, both for domain registration and hosting. I have less problems when I stick with the same company for both.

On top of that, godaddy has great deals where you can get hosting and get domains at $1.99. Of course it depends what your looking for in hosting, maybe you want cpanel or other features that godaddy doesn't provide.
That was one of my questions. Is it best to keep the same company for registration and hosting? My thoughts were that it would be simpler.
Hmm... in all these posts, nobody has talked about Yahoo as to register names or hosting. Which of course confirms once again that their offers might not be the best option as someone told me. They are very cheap, but aparently bad for business...

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