Best Domain Hosting and Registation?
Grace Wrote:That was one of my questions. Is it best to keep the same company for registration and hosting? My thoughts were that it would be simpler.

It might be simpler, but it can also get complex if you're not that "intimately"
familiar with your provider. The terms you agree to when using them might
give you some ideas.

I've seen a lot of people complain about Yahoo for whatever reason. But I
always think it's a matter of knowing what you're getting yourself into.

Unfortunately, not a lot of people care about the details except just to get
the desired results based on what they're willing to pay. As the saying goes,
you get what you pay for.
I like goDaddy but I keep running across stupid mistakes by there people. Nothing earth shaking but you have to keep an eye on they.
Dave Zan Wrote:I happen to belong to a group of stubborn people who believe that one must
keep their domain registration and hosting separate, for various reasons.
But one reason is if one is negatively affected, the other won't necessarily be.

Two domain providers I can safely recommend are Moniker and Namecheap.
While I can't recommend any hosting provider for now, I can suggest you go
take a look at Host gator and Lunar pages.

I realize this post is old now, but I have to say that I've had excellent luck with I moved four Web sites to them last spring. The phone rings, and within a minute or so a "live" tech picks it up and says how can I help you?! Great service, fast, very reasonably priced, too.

At they have a special deal
where you can host ten (10) domains
for $4.99 a month paid annually.

I have found them to be very dependable.
Try EuroDNS .
The easiest way to go online is to start an online seowebhosting solution. All you have to do is to sign up and their systems handle most of the logistics for you. Follow the link under sources below and pick from a vendor.
Multiple Domain Hosting
eria Wrote:hosting domain registrations I recommend namecheap and godaddy and for hosting try hostgator. their support is just excellent in hosting

Thank you!!!!!
Ladybecklyn Wrote:I am looking to possibly change hosting and would like to transfer my domains as well to the same company. Any suggestions? I am looking for affordable yet reliable. Thanks for the input.

I would suggest to you transfer your domain and hosting to here they provide Linux Based web hosting.They provide good Network uptime and customer support.
As for domains, I recommend GoDaddy (despite what I wrote above) and for hosting (which has the BEST customer service that I have ever seen), or Hostgator which tends to have mostly happy customers.

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