Best Parking???
I am new Domainer!
I ask Domainers with more experience to suggest 3 the best parking solutions
(giving revenue also)Smile
Why are you wanting parking? Or do you mean hosting?

SimpleURL offers free parking when you purchase a domain name through them.
Penguinmama ~

Thanks for sharing that information. Going to go check that out. It is great that those more experienced among us are so willing to share and help out!
I think he means domain parking. is great for gambling and adult names, they offer the highest payouts for these categories. offers a parking service called SedoPro which is one of the best in the industry for general domains. They also offer a normal parking service, which isn't so good. offers parking but there is an annual membership fee.

There are many more, such as,, etc.
What is the point of buying a domain and parking it? I don't understand the concept here.
It is pretty much what is sounds like. If you want a domain name but do not want to develop it and just want to make sure you have the name, you can get it and hang onto it without doing anything with it. There are some sites that can help you get traffic even though it is parked, such as sedo.
penguinmama Wrote:What is the point of buying a domain and parking it? I don't understand the concept here.

Some people make thousands of dollars a month on domain parking...
Okay, I under stand that, but how do they make thousands by parking? Without development ? Or are these developed sites , when they are parked,Echos
You can make money on unused domains by some place hositng your site and then you get paid according to how many clicks are generated.
Okay, Thankx for the info. I think I am starting to understand this , just a little better. I really am haveing fun learning all these new things. Echos

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