Best Parking Provider ?
[SIZE="3"][COLOR="Red"]Who is the best parking provider who gives a high pay for each and every clicks generated and prompt payments.

Thanks in advance[/COLOR][/SIZE]
spammers here mod...
Best parking provider? Answer is no one, all con you a hugh percentage of your PPC revenue
IMONETIZE is one of the good one
Takwa Wrote:Best parking provider? Answer is no one, all con you a hugh percentage of your PPC revenue

I agree with you, no best parking provider. but if the question is "a good parking provider", Imonetize is the answer.
I believe that you will find developing a website and adding valued partners with products related to your domain will pay much better than cash parking ever could.

Captain Dave
for parking sedo is good
godaddy charges you to park.. which i think is stupid
way to spam it out there bud
i like namedrive, they dont have click-fraud mechanism, i click my own ads and make $ very fast! east or west, namedrive is the best!LOL!

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