Best Parking???
All of my undeveloped sites are parked at I don't make much from it but I make some. Domain parking is a good business too. If you are too lazy to develop your site, just park it in the meantime.
Domain parking is the easy way for domainers to earn.

But the important point is

1) You should work hard & smart while registering your domain - By good names / key word names)

2) To choose best & really converting parking companies.

Some of the best is listed at my site.
penguinmama Wrote:What is the point of buying a domain and parking it? I don't understand the concept here.

If you buy the domain you own it. You cannot make money with it unless you sell it.
So what do you do tell you find a buyer? You can just own it and it does nothing for you. OR you can park it. This means you have a simple page, that has ads, or redirects traffic to other sites. This means it has a chance of earning you money till you find a buyer.

I am a newbie, but I think that is right.
I'm now using .... it's a new parking program that pays 100 procent revenue to new customers that join now. My revenue almost doubled. The only negative thing is the payment. THe money that you earn in August will be paid the 15th of Octobre. So that's kinda late.
It must be very encouraging to be making money on a domain that's parked. I'd expect that would make you want to develop it and actively promote it.

I assume the hosting of the domain costs about the same to just leave it parked?
Currently I like sedo... Smile
I use Sedo parking, high revenue please
Buy the new domain and park the domain on the hosting. Make the money by the unused domain.
Purchase the any domain and submit the domain on the own last hosting or control panel parking page. It is way for the get traffic on the domain.

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