Best & Worst Domain Registrars
Please list your best and worst registrar and list why.

My best is Godaddy. even they have had really bad press, my experience will them was excellent, their supports and refunds are NOT slow but I will say average. However I did make a mistake on using them for, they are a bit slow on the ones that is not base in USA.

My worst is Eurodns(Asiadns) - They *Beep* up on their .Asia reg didn't they, and when you want a refund they will not reply your e-mails and also charge 11.5 euros. Stay far away from them.
My best experience has also been with Go Daddy. I have always had good and personal service. My worst was with a company called Buy Domains. I don't know if they are still around but I had a problem with a fee they charged and they never got back to me.
Buydomains? ain't they the ones that buys domains off you for a very unreasonable price? like $1 a domain?
I've only ever dealt with GoDaddy really and I'm quite happy with them. Big Grin
My one and only experience was with Go Daddy and it was pretty good. I have no complains. Of the people I know, they have used other sites as well as GoDaddy, but I haven't heard anything terrible about other companies.

I do not like Goddady for their lack of explaination. For example, 30 days after registrering a domain with them I received notification that to the effect that "a mistake occured" and they were refunding my fee. Later, I couldn't get any explaination as to why they "cancelled" this particular domain name which I had acquired and paid for.

I smell the Rat!

happened to me as well once but that's was for a .asia and they had their problems then at the land rush.

was yours a .com? I never had problems with them, I had hear rumours they steal it off people. But It never happened to me.... or maybe mines are not worth stealing :p

They're cheap and i feel their service is fine

It was a very original and very promessing .com 4resale. Since then, and very quickly, I learnt how to protect myself from all and any registrar.

Here is the legal safe way to proceed.

First go to and register your domain with Google. $5.99.
Google (as a third party) is not interested in (making money) the domain name aftermarket. It's not their primary business. It's only a genuine service they offer.
Then, after you have acquired ownership from (Google), you can tranfer it 4resale to any account you may be holding with any other "commercial" registrar. And that particular registrar (godaddy, networksolutions, sedo...), cannot take it away from you (sweep the carpet from under your feet), by pretending it was a "mistake" in the registration process, without further explaination given. Unless you are unfringing upon a trademark, nothing and nobody can ever take away your ownership of that .name by pretending it was "a mistake"....since you are not asking them and paying them for the initial registration of that domain name. That ownership was primarly establish somewhere else. legally, and fully paid for without contestation...end of the story.

Plse keep in mind that intellectual property theft has been a big business for a long long long time.

Hope that will help you at some point in your business.
Let's not be naive!! One day, you may have a .name worth a million dollar!

Hi Everybody,

I have dealt with quite a few registrars, and found to be the best.
Currently they offer a dotcom for $5.99 (first year only) with free Google Apps and free private registration. Their domain control panel is the slickest and easiest. And, they also give you an instant domain locking facility. You control your own domain with the randomly generated authorization code. If the domain name you are seeking is available, it takes just a couple of minutes to register, lock and propagate a brand new website. Yes, a website with your own content as fast as you can put it in, NOT a parked page, thanks to Google Apps. And also 200 email accounts having ALL features of Gmail. And, there's more - Google will spider it automatically in a couple of days.

Please have a look at the following sites that took exactly 3 minutes each (I had the simple content ready):

Happy domaining!



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