Best & Worst Domain Registrars
For me. is the best. (same family with Goddady but cheaper)
Great domains showing: DIGI LIFE? it is Credit? yeah, use becredit your any? baby forum reading studying for more cosy,hi, the favor english words. data safe? why not use key for every byte?

goodluck! support:
good reading in this forum
My best domain registrar is .
Here i got the domain registration service at cheap price. I am also planning to buy a hosting package here.
I really like Host Gator personally. Its rather reasonable with prices starting at 5.00 per month for a very basic account or for just 10.00 more per month you get a ton more features. Might be worth checking out.
I do really like registering my domains at Moniker

You might try it one time, as well Smile

It's is good to try every registrar who could offer at a low rate ^_^
Takwa Wrote:Please list your best and worst registrar and list why.

My best is Godaddy. even they have had really bad press, my experience will them was excellent, their supports and refunds are NOT slow but I will say average. However I did make a mistake on using them for, they are a bit slow on the ones that is not base in USA.

My worst is Eurodns(Asiadns) - They *Beep* up on their .Asia reg didn't they, and when you want a refund they will not reply your e-mails and also charge 11.5 euros. Stay far away from them.

My best is maddogdomains, they're fast, cheap and always helping.
#18 and are the best
PacificHost has been a great registrar for all of my parked domains and live websites. The 24/7 support is great. Just my opinion. Much better than GoDaddy and pricing is better to.
I can say godaddy is best because they have got great service and many special offers whole year....I havent seen the worse yet..

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