Best free hosting
What is the best site for free hosting services if you just want to try it out?
Well...although I am in the same segment, but it is certainly not me yet at the moment!:o I am working hard to achieve that aim.

Learning thru other, and speaking of professional phpBB free forum hosting, I would say it is one of the top player with about 80k members. If you were see their support forum, it is very much active. They have build a good backend system and developed into a very niche area with "fshop" and "fmod"...etc. I believe the owner have put in much effort. Looking at the number of server (dedicated server indeed!) they have, I respect them very much!

For general free hosting, there are way too many out there, with many of them being new and expaneded too fast too soon, it is not surprising that some just went burst within the first 6month (or shorter period). I am learning in not to fall into the same trap.:o

From a user point ( I use free hosting previously too! ), if I were to just try out, I would just pick any free host that offer a lot of features so that I could get a feel of what it is like. It i sort of learning experience.

Just sharing...from both user and provider view points.
I thought phpgeeks was pretty good, for free hosting that's a first for php and mysql.
I had used before, things went pretty smooth, not many issues. I believe they still provide banner-free hosting.
Based on comments on several of the other threads here, I've just registered some domains on godaddy. I've never used godaddy before, but wanted try it because so many of you do use it.
Here's the question: godaddy offers free adsupported simple hosting. I am probably going to set up one or two of my new domains on this pending other arrangements. Are there any tips or cautions any of you godaddy-ers have to offer?
kokotai Wrote:What is the best site for free hosting services if you just want to try it out?

What do you want to try out; PHP, html, domain parking, MySQL ? That kind of depends on the service you want to choose.
Well, if you want to test your scripts then free hosting is good, but if you want to make a site with rich content, don't ever go for free hosting because you will loose every thing if they just put away your account there.
I am using but there space is a little low for me. If anyone has a good free host with around 1g or more space, cPanel, and a good amount of bandwidth I would really appreciate it if you could PM me Smile
I used Freeservers, and they have options to grow if you feel like it. You have to read around to get the ads where they don't bug you, but they have a site builder and a section to work with just HTML if you prefer. Pretty straight forward. I didn't run out of space either, but it was a general info site, not anything too huge.
I prefer just HTML. What are there stats like, and what kind of ads are they and where are they placed?

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