BigWetFish Hosting Company
BigWetFish were a hosting company I used back when I first started out creating forums and websites however after a while I found that over 200 sites were using the same shared server causing me a lot of problems with my hosting and I had to move.

Has anyone else ever use BigWetFish hosting? What are your thoughts on this hosting company?
I've never head of them, but it's a common problem.

I don't know whether they are an EIG host, but ever since EIG purchased a lot of webhosting companies, they have really pushed them all down the drain. A great (or rather, terrible) example of this is HostGator, which used to be really well known for their customer service. Now they over sell like crazy, which not only has tech implications but also on support (on host gator support it can take hours to get hold of someone).

Again, I'm not saying EIG owns them, just that it's a common problem in the hosting industry.
I am the same, never heard of this company however I am interested to find out what they are about and what they have to offer. I may have a look into this company and see what the reviews are like. Shared hosting will always have a problem depending on how many you share with, 200 sounds about right but that can cause problems for you in terms of uptime.

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