I wonder why google thinks that all the google related domain should be their.
Well then the courts can have a rest from these legal cases that are wasting time. That will leave room for the legals cases with merit ,which, I am sure are abundant.
I agree with Grace. Way too much time and too many resources are being spent on these cases (even if the arbitration centres are not normal courts). Companies would be better off focusing their time on better things. Google is leaving booble alone now, so thats good.
#14 is not exactly close to even though they are both search engines.

What about
Yeah there can be so many domains which looks like the word google.
But there is no point on saying all should be of google.
We have minds of our own to come up with better names than that. That's good news that they are leaving them alone in court.
Google isnt the only one doing this. In 2004, Microsoft wanted to take a domain away from a teenager called Mike Rowe (funny) who had registered the domain for his webdesign business.

if you want you can find out more here:
I love this story, I had not seen anything about it before. Thanks for pulling up those old docs, llegent.

And the adult industry businesses always have some of the best lawyers. They have to, they get attacked all the time.

I wonder if it's very new. It has a zero page rank and isn't known to Alexa. It would be hard for it to look much more like Google so it seems like they should be getting the lawyer letter soon.
I remember the Mike Rowe issue. Sometimes people have to just lighten up in another 100 years it won't matter.

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