Can anyone tell the value of domain.
I have domain.
I want to know the market value of this domain.
Can anyone guide me what is the market value of this domain.
#2 on sale
buy it on sedo
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Well do you own those domains yourself? if not no one can appraise it for ya.
Both domain I put on sell in sedo
Did some reseach, and - it's a very popular first name got 200,000 google results

I would say a mid $xxx if you can find a end user

For not worth anything at all really you be lucky if someone takes it off you.

BTW you will get ban by Sedo if you keep posting parked domain's links on the forum or anywhere else on the web.

Well just to warn you, just in case you didn't know Smile next time post without the "www."
Hi Jigar,

Brace your jigar. I just checked... it's worth a cool grand (uncle Sam's I mean).

- Srinivasa Rao
Well just to warn you, just in case you didn't know next time post without the "www."

Good point!

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