Chikita, Adsense or Yahoo?
I always use adsense for revenue, don't use any other except some new ones like affiliate marketing or CJ etc. but adsense is the best of all
I have never used anything besides Adsense but by the reactions i have heard i think YPN may be better than adsense
Reports do say YPN gives you more per click, but sometimes their ads relate nothing to your websites subject.
I heard that YPN is not avaialable worldwide.. is it true?
YpN is still in beta and not accepting new accounts at this time. I got the email a few weeks ago.
Well I still use Google Adsense and it is best for me. YPN is still in beta.Sad My friend who run Adult forum is use Chikita and he earned good money from it.
Adult forums, however, will probably make good money using any of the three...I wish I could go that route, but with kids, just can't get myself to take the leap...on a side note, I havn't heard too much about Ypn.
Yes we can earn more money from Adult forums but Google Adsense don't allowed those site while YPN is still in beta so we have to use 3rd option.
All need your the traffic volume. It is not easy to register them for a new website and new domainer. I try many ways to have account but my website traffic is not qualify
Adsense is best for traffic on the target Keyword.

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