Chinese Domain Name - A key to your corporation promotion success!
sorry, the first post was spam by chinese registrar TodayNic.

I move all their messages here:
People certainly are generating a big "buzz" around the asian domain name. Really, China have had this coming for a long time. They're becoming a pretty big country to keep an eye on in the world of business and it was to be expected that a domain name would come along.
I expected that this kind of thing would get big and that it was only a matter of time until Chinese domains became bigger with more internet restrictions being lifted in the country. Definitely a good thing for any businessperson to keep an eye on.
Yes you are right about that. The Chinese domains will grow larger, and hope fully the control will lessen. This would be a very valuable domain to have.
I seriously doubt the level of control will lessen. In fact, the more traffic to China, the greater the threat is to the political system in plce. If anything, control will tighten as the perceived onslaught of other ideas grows.

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