Confused and need solid advice
I finally bought my first domain and have it hosted at GoDaddy but am now thinking of moving it to BlueHost. This domain was purchased for a blogging enterprise and I am having a terrible time getting wordpress installed on the site. BlueHost is supposed to have one click installation for Wordpress. I have been using the Website tonight software on GoDaddy and am just really not happy with how it looks nor the QuikBlog .

So what do I do to transfer. The site really has nothing on it I have just begun building pages.

I make a good living blogging on free platforms like Blogger and want to import my blogs into my own domain.

well, first off, you're right to get away from godaddy! I can't even begin to remember my hosting experiences with them. Definately a thumbs down.

Anyway, moving on to your problem:

When you say that you have begun building a few pages, do you mean html pages? Or do you mean pages that gather information from a database?

If you have pages in a database, then you have two problems:

1. Godaddy is not a cPanel/WHM hosting company, whereas I believe that Blue Host is. This means that they might have trouble transfering your site.

2. Godaddy does not use wordpress whereas Bluehost does, and the two database structures (tables, etc.) probably won't be the same. So it most probably wont be "copy and paste" kind of move.

Here is what I suggest:

1. contact Blue Host, tell them that you are a potential client, and ask them if they can move your old site for you and integrate it into word press.

They will probably say no, but you can always give it a go.

2. since you only have a few pages, just start again... save your site to your harddrive, and then copy and paste anything you wrote into your new blog.

Hey zach? do you mean godaddy do not have cpanel?
I dont belive that.
kisna Wrote:Hey zach? do you mean godaddy do not have cpanel?
I dont belive that.

Some hosting doesn't have cPanel. You might wanna check out their site first.

Maybe you could try Hostgator(I'm pimping them). When I transferred to them they help me with transferring my files.
Interesting information to know!!! I´ll tell my partner, because all this for me, still sounds a little like a foreign language! But I get that Godaddy is good to buy a domain but not to host the site... so many details that I didn´t know! Thanks again to all of you! Definetly worth being here and learning the secrets of the trade!
I tried to work with GoDaddy for a while. It seemed for a while they were going to be really helpful. After a time, I found out they weren't all they were cracked up to be. I wanted to do things my way and they were not accomodating that way, etc. Then it came time for my domain that I had registered to expire. In fact, I had let the site itself go completely out of existence. They kept sending me notices about billing. While we are trashing hosts...I had the same experience later with another domain name and Registerfly. In fact, the domain I had at Registerfly never flew in the first place for a number of reasons having to do with them. However, after the first month of hosting expired, they kept billing me for about 3 months, maybe more.

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