Could i sell any of these domains?
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You're definitely treading in unsafe ground, here. See this case:

You're taking advantage of someone else's copyright in bad faith.
Well, I think the problem is that the owners of those trade marks already have sites, so they wouldn't be interested. I'm not sure if someone else would want to take on that kind of responsibility...
I think you'll be getting into problems with those domains... I doubt it you can sell them because of copyright laws. But then again, I'm not an expert in the legal aspect... just I have the feeling that you'll get in trouble!
Staying away from well known products, or media is a better idea than trying to get some undeserved traffic from the popularity of any name.

People should really stop trying to figure out easy sales and simply do the hard work.
They are telling the truth about selling those domains. It might take you longer to get what you need. But in the end, doing the right thing pays off in leaps and bounds.
That really is dangerous group. Especially considering the size of some of the business you've gotten copyright issues with as a result of it. Personally, i'd scrap these as I think selling them would be too much of a risk. Feel free to attempt it in the hope you get lucky though.
I'd say consult an expert on copyright law before going further with it. You might get into big trouble that can be very expensive if you get sued over copyright laws.
If you talk with a copyright attorney, ask if changing the order of the words would make a difference in your risk. Sometimes that is just enough to move you out of the field of fire with copyright infringements.
Some of those (Nike in particular) wouldn't think twice about legal action if those sites were developed and they cared enough to take their copyrights back. I'd dump them if I were you. They're probably more trouble than they're worth.

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