Cybersquating with "www" prefix?
I think worst case they might ask you for the domain. So if you go into it prepared to lose the $8.00 you spend on registration, it is probably very low risk.
Oh well...I did some search and found that :-
1. - registered and currently a parked domain; created 27/08/02 ; Blacklist Status - Cleared

2. - Registered and own by MasterCard International.

3. - well...server too busy to load!! I guess they are enjoying huge traffic!

4. - Also not registered by Visa Card International. But server too busy to load!! emm...I wonder how great if the domain belongs to me??!:p

5. - redirected to ! Not own by Walmart too! But same situation -> server too busy to load!

Looks like these www prefix is having some good times enjoying huge traffic!:p
Well then there is no down side to this "www" story which is bringing so much traffic and seems great. Either that or something will hit the fan shortly. Legally speaking of course.

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