DUNO, anyone?
littlefranciscan Wrote:Well I have plenty of work to do..I just purchased a paid to click program..I post in mylot and dormcheck..run two forums..

So I guess..my 114 referrals.both bought and referred..can do some work too..so yes they work for me.that is why people are giving referral commisions..

Yup I must admit, that is a hard work to do! Keep up th good work you are doing Smile. So you don't visit dunno?
This is the first time I hear from dormcheck... with referrals programs, I am terrible! I don't bother my friends. I've tried a couple of times, they sign up, but they are not active.
This is interesting. I never knew these sites existed. I just registered with dormcheck. Thanks for the info, etc.

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