Dedicated server or cloud hosting?
I plan to switch my hosting plan for a better performance. And I am now struggling between dedicated server and cloud hosting. Which should i choose? what are the difference between them? Welcome to share your point of views here 
On the off chance that your organization oversees very touchy information – for example, money related information or individual personality data – then dedicated servers are the approach. They may cost more over the long haul contrasted with the cloud, yet as the maxim goes, "you can't put a cost on security", particularly when that security is for essential individual data.
For all different organizations, cloud hosting is the approach. Your information will be available all day and all night and from anyplace on the planet, so you can keep your business running predictably. The cloud can rapidly stay with up with your's development and you pay for the hosting you require.
DEDICATED SERVER- The technical specification of the dedicated server describes the key features of the server that enrolled up into their larger business and for maximum flexibility, customization, and configuration. Having a Dedicated Server, we will have the fully managed solution designed to take the business to the next level and far beyond that the resources can have the multiple shared hosting services.

CLOUD HOSTING- The first contribution and the scope of the survey are to introduce new threats when applications have been moved to share cloud hosted infrastructure or dedicated cloud hosted infrastructure.
Difference between Dedicated server and cloud hosting:

Dedicated server is a single server that is useful for heavy websites having huge traffic. Dedicated server are popular for its flexibility, reliability and for providing better security than other hosting plans.

Cloud hosting is used to store your data online. It is based on cloud computing technology. It allow your data stored on multiple server rather than local server. You can access your data from anywhere and anytime.

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