Do people really get rich from parking domains?
Hmm.. I don't know. But my domain was parked when I first bought it. I had to log into my host and click activate. While it was parked, it did have ads on it, but I am pretty sure that I was not going to receive any revenue from those.
Heya podcast! I saw your post at you said you park at I park my sites there too! Actually, I checked sedo after I saw your post.

I'm not expecting to get rich from parking. I just want to earn a little money until I get it developed.
I haven't really heard of anyone getting rich from parking unless they get large amounts of traffic. The best way to make money from a domain is to either develop and sell it or to find a good name that everyone wants and sell it.
One can develop the content related to domain name and hope to get the large amount of traffic.
also if domain is generic then it can be sold at good price.
I've always thought that having just a domain was good, but the trick was develop it and really get some money. I am maybe too convervative, but I still think that to make good money, you actually have to work, unless of course you win the lottery, which will be the case of a great domain name that can be sold for big bucks. But what about just developing the content? Isn't that even better?
No, I don't think so. Unless you have a lot of parked domains with extreme amounts of clicks. :-) I park my undeveloped sites but I don;t expect to earn much from my parked sites.
GoDaddy asks for a small fee per month to share in parked domains that you just registered. IS that worth it? Only if your domain has a high keyword or a type-in misspell.
Yes lots of people do get rich buy just parking domain, but you need atleast a 100 thousand domain to do that
mtajim Wrote:Yes lots of people do get rich buy just parking domain, but you need atleast a 100 thousand domain to do that

If that is the case, then how many people have at least 100 thousand domains??? To me that sounds almost impossible, although I believe some will have it. I always imagine that one person alone would have up to 10 thousand domains, but how can you get that many domains and really get paid for them? What kind of domains could those be? I think the ammount of people that get rich just but having parked domains is probably very small.
I would think these should be developed , somewhat , to even consider making money off of them. It really makes me crazy to think people think they can really make living from just parking!

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