Do you have an adult site?
I'm just wondering if any of you have bought an adult domain.

I have some questions for you.

Did you develop it?
Where did you host it?
There are many ways that you can develop an adult site.

You can host your own content (you know we all want to see private photos of agent_orange Big Grin), or you can host a TGP.

TGPs are basically photo galleries which update using other people's content. A TGP looks like a gallery of thumbnails, and when a visitor clicks on a photo they get redirected to the site with the photos. This site is usually an affiliate (so if a visitor signs up from your site, you get commission, usually around $30). is usually a good place to start. If you want to set up a tgp, they will usually configure the server to run it. That way, when you install your script, you won't run into any nasty problems.

Eek! I tell you don't wanna see my private photos. No nekkid agent_orange please. Haha! Anyway, I got interested because I was asked by a client to help put up an adult site. I don't have any idea about the business.

I can't host it at just any webhost, right?
I have to admit, I am a chicken on those things! I mean, I´ve visited a few, and I know it is a way to make some money, but I would be too scared that some pedophiliac will get in there and use the site for his pornography with children. I think I´ll be too nervous... I just told my partner and he is laughing out loud, just called me chicken sh*t! Well, good luck anyway!
Haha! I totally understand you berlinlife06. I'm a woman. I'm not really comfortable looking at other women's bodies. Haha. I'm not too sure if I'll continue with this project. I can ask my brother to do it for me in case I chicken out. :-P
That's right. Many webhosts do not want to accept responsibility for sexual content hosted on their servers. The truth is that there is a shady gray area between legal and illegal (for instance, the model's age vs. her activity depicted in the photo; or the legality of the nature of the pornography in different countries). Although it is extremely unlikely that you will get into legal trouble for content if it is just normal porn, most webhosts take the precaution of not hosting porn at all.

Other webhosts do host porn but they either monitor the content that they host often or they are in countries with flexible laws (and consequently, the possibility of your host ripping you off). So:

1. don't just go with any adult host, check for reviews about them or ask on Domainsocial
2. don't assume that your host accepts adult content... read their terms of service or email them

Other than that, it's not that different from other site development. If you don't mind looking at naked people all day on your computer, then it shouldn't be a problem. The premise is the same as basic affiliate marketing for a TGP:

1. get traffic (through traffic trades with other sites)
2. send traffic to affiliate pages

...and wait for your check at the end of the month

You seem to know a lot Zach :-)

If ever I push through with this project, I have to find another hosting company. Wow...that's too troublesome. It took me two weeks of research before I switched to Hostgator. Now, I have to find one more. Gah!

Anyway, is it profitable?
I've never had one myself, but I do have a friend who owns one, and he does pretty well. Not enough that it can be his only source of income, but it puts some extra money in his pocket at the end of the month.
capitalist_junkie Wrote:I've never had one myself, but I do have a friend who owns one, and he does pretty well. Not enough that it can be his only source of income, but it puts some extra money in his pocket at the end of the month.

Hmmm...this is an inspiration!

I'll tell my brother right away! lol.
agent_orange Wrote:Anyway, is it profitable?

If you put time into it initially, there is a lot of money to be made Wink

Just remember to monitor your traffic trades.


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