Do you social bookmark all your pages
I see all these topics and tools for submitting your site to social bookmarking sites. It hasn't been clear to me if I should just bookmark my home page or should I bookmark all of my pages? At least the ones that have useful content on them.
Social bookmarking doesn't bring the links or authority it did a few months back. Tools are still useful and faster then doing it by hand. I do bookmark all pages of my blogs and each time I make a new post but usually just a few sites. If you have software then it's easy to run your site through it and I still would.
IF you have more time,submit all is ok,and you can get a tools to help to submit bookmarking.
Yeah it's a great way to link build. In my opinion anything that can help your linking building campaign should be done.
Are you talking about sites like

There are scripts and programs out there that auto submit to them.
Yes. Social Bookmarking an important strategy is search engine optimization.
I would look at bookmarking as a way to get a page indexed faster, but bookmarking alone isn't going to cut it.
Ya, It's good method to index the all pages of website. Social bookmarking sub in do follow website is best method to get backlinks & boost traffic on site.
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Yes social bookmarking is need for all pages. Crawl the all pages after the submissions of the Pages.

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