Do you submit to search engines?
Submitting to search engines can help boost the chances of you being listed in search results however it is advised that you only submit once to each search engine to stand a chance of being listed.

Do you tend to submit your site to the search engines or do you wait for them to pick it up themselves?
I always submit my urls to search engines. I tend to go for the most popular search engines when it comes to submitting such as Google, Yahoo and Bing and then I work on the rest after that.

You are right in what you say submitting once is more than enough, it does take time however it does work and you will soon see results a lot quicker if you submit once and don't get impatient.
According to me i am submitting all the sites to sites to search ans also adding in google webmaster tools which will helpful for crawling or fetching and indexing by google.
Yes, of course I am submitting my urls to most of the popular search engine used such as Google, Yahoo. They will include the result of our website and we do not have to pay for getting into the search engine for submitting.
It is a good idea to submit the URL for fast indexing. This help search engines to crawl website/URL quite easily.
You do not need a SEO (search engine optimizer) to present your site to Google, Yahoo or Bing. You don't pay to get into any of the big search engines natural (free or organic) listings (and note, Bing powers Yahoo results). Google has ways of submitting your web pages directly to their index. Most search engines do.

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