Does such mail receipts are scams ?
fourwings Wrote:Hello Friends,

I got few mails like this " my client / cousin is in need of a domain , i have a shipping company, he is interested in , you give your name and address. My client will pay you in the form of check. note the check amount will be more than your price. you take your domains price and forward the balance cash to me via westernunion mail me if you are trust worthy. "

If i receive such mail offers, what i have to do. I feel these are some sort of scams

I wish my friends to review on this subject.


BIG SCAM, don't rely on such messages. I did hear a lot about such mails and many online forums mentioned out their worse experiences and what the hell they went through.
You shouldn't do any financial information on-line. I had a job scam before that was quite interesting. They had a website, and an e-mail. I went on the site and you couldn't access anything. They kept e-mailing me about a job, and they needed MY BANK ACCOUNT NUMBERS. So they could deposit money in it. I replied by e-mail - didn't give them anything. I told them I'm not interested.:mad:
That is a really good move Grace, I was really scammed by certain companies which said they would provide online jobs and I paid some amount online but all in vain. I was a new comer into the field of homebased jobs and they even asked in some mails about the bank accounts which I never mentioned, but my credit card was affected when I registered using the card, which I closed it permanently.
That happened to me too. I signed up for a job service with a monthly fee. Then when I tried it for a month with no jobs offers ever. I cancelled it, and it kept coming on my credit card. It was impossible to cancel.
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