Domain Name Change SBS 2003

I've had a disaster with my file server and have had to rebuild and reinstall SBS 2003. It is now up and running like a dream with full internet, email & remote connectivity but I have a problem due to the fact that the domain name is different from the domain name on the old file server.

The only way I have the old Exchange Server, File Store data backed up is in .bkf file - backed up with NTBackup. I cannot restore from this file since the domain name is different. I don't want to start from scratch again and use the old domain name as it is too time consuming and I suspect that the old domain name was causing some of the connection problems we were experiencing.

So although my clients are working well now I have lost all their historical email and their address books as I cannot get the data back from the .bkf file. Any ideas what I can do?

I have the old Outlook files on the clients but Outlook will not recognise them - probably for the same reason I guess.

Please help.


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Even I am facing this problem currently.
Can anyone help?

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