Domain Program - What would you like to see?
Hello everyone

As the next quarter is approaching rapidly, we are considering community input on Domain Name Software development. It's all very exciting, and this planning phase will kick it off Smile

What kind of Domain Name software would you like to see?
What features would you like to see included in it?

Looking forward to your input,

Zach Bastick
I am happy to be a member of Domain Social, at the moment I feel myself very un-educated in that sense. The only way I used to be utilizing the domain names was in the field of making a web-site activation. I recently figured out that the domain names themselves may be a commodity, and one can make profit out of it, both in buying and selling.
I am looking forward to learn and enjoy the benefits of being in your society, and I hope your members will be of great value in contributing my knowledge in that aspect.

It is good to be in your society, and thanks in advance, for your kind helps.

Hello Everyone!

I'm new on this forum. I've been reading about domaining for the past 24 hours and decided to join this forum perhaps someone could shed more lights on what domaining is all about for my benefits please?



The other day I was reccommended to take at look at Maybe some functions in this software package could be incorporated into yours.


Sounds good
Domain software sounds exciting. Could you also make it compatible with Mac?
ok! zach!
i need:
a clone! where ppl can have lots of custom templates to select in parking with a good advertiser panel where they can login into and buy PPC ads & a cool sedo style marketplace for every domain listed in parking area if they owners wish to sell them off.
next is another custom snapnames style domain script for individual domain owners to make a domain shopping site from their own portfolio only that im already making and its already got some success in testing stages, just adding so much more features that any other rival software designer will start sweating with the code if they were to make from scratch.
and third is a pool clone.
and the rest is what i feel is old type of domain software.

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